Three signs that you need a new bathroom

26 Jul

Are you currently trying to decide whether or not to invest in a new bathroom? Here at Woodstone Bathrooms,

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Making the most of every last inch of your bathroom

06 Jul

Some people view their bathroom as merely a place to wash and use the toilet. However, it is much

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Bathroom tile trends for 2017

29 Jun

Your bathroom is one of your most used rooms in your home, a place to relax and unwind in a

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How to make your smaller bathroom look twice the size

08 Jun

So, you've got your new home and you love it. But your bathroom’s a bit on the small side, and

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Choosing the right materials for your bathroom

24 May

Here at Woodstone Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on helping each of our customers create a bathroom that reflects their unique

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Family bathroom design ideas

10 May

The family bathroom needs to cater for all ages and all needs. It needs to be practical, elegant and functional.

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3 great ways to add colour to your bathroom design

24 Apr

While your bathroom may be a room in which you get clean and sterile, there's no need for it look

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Say goodbye to the boring bathroom

10 Apr

When it comes to a kitchen or a living room most people are very particular about the design, style and

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The best tiles to use for a wet room

23 Mar

Wet rooms are a popular alternative to conventional bathrooms and, when created to a high standard, they're easy to clean

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Be size savvy: tile design for a smaller bathroom

17 Mar

If you dream of bathing luxury but have a small scale family bathroom or a compact ensuite, there are several

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Contemporary or traditional - what's the right tile choice for your ideal bathroom?

27 Feb

For some of us, it's the clean lines of a minimalist, boutique hotel bathroom. For others, the grandeur of a

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Three simple steps to creating a boutique hotel bathroom

06 Feb

We're all in love with the boutique hotel bathroom look, full of quirky charm and luxe materials that create a

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Two key considerations when discussing your remodelling ideas with a bathroom designer

23 Jan

No matter how much time or money you have or how talented your bathroom designer may be, there will come

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How to unlock the value of your bathroom in 3 easy steps

04 Jan

When it comes to selling your home, you may be surprised exactly how important the state of your bathroom is

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New year, new bathroom

22 Dec

The new year is the perfect time to make changes in your home. If you’re opting for a new bathroom

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Wood flooring for your bathroom and beyond

08 Dec

There's something beautiful about wood. Such natural material harks back to the very first buildings, and adds an element of

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Get creative: how to design with bathroom tiles

23 Nov

Tiling is not only a utilitarian option for your bathroom, thanks to its durability, low maintenance and water resistance, but

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Keeping bathroom tiles in tip top condition

04 Nov

Once you've chosen the best tiles for your new improved bathroom, it’s important that you keep them in tip top

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Keeping your bathroom cosy this winter with underfloor heating

19 Oct

It's an affordable luxury, and one that we're increasingly embracing. Of course we mean underfloor heating. And as the days

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Five reasons why tiles are still the best choice for your bathroom floor

05 Oct

If you've decided to refresh your bathroom floor, there are many design options currently available including luxury vinyls,

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How should I tile my small bathroom?

23 Sep

Search the internet, and you'll find conflicting advice on tiles for a small bathroom. Some sources will say that

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The latest bathroom tile trends

05 Sep

If you're thinking of refurbishing your tired tiles and worn-out fixtures, there are several strong trends in bathroom design to

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Interior design tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles

19 Aug

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can make all the difference, with colours and materials greatly influencing how

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How Can More Space Be Created In A Small Bathroom?

19 Aug

Designing a bathroom to work effectively in a small space can be difficult – whether it’s making sure you

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Welcome to the Woodstone Bathrooms blog

16 Aug

This is the Woodstone Bathrooms blog. We will post regular blogs relating to bathroom renovations, contemporary tiles,

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